5. Advanced Friday Group Year Certificate in Living Nutrition

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5. Advanced Friday Group Year Certificate in Living Nutrition
5th Year Course - Become a Living Nutrition Expert

You can continue your studies at the College for another year and become Living Nutrition Expert.This is a special accolade for practitioners who complete the 5th year and all accompanying requirements. 
Please put these dates in your diary for the 6th Year Course:-

Fridays 10am to 5pm in Bromsgrove at the Wishing Well Centre 2020
Dates 2020 :-

6th Year Fridays

13th March

3rd April

5th June

4th September

13th November

The fees are still £70 per weekend (which works out at £350 for the 5 days) but if you pay for all 5 days in advance it will cost £290 (the retreats are extra £280 each)

When qualified you will be issued with a certificate -
 Living Nutrition Expert

If you join the Course you will Continue to get free supervision with your cases, you will get 10% or more discount on purchases from the College shop and you can continue to pay a lower fee for Insurance. You are also welcome to attend the student clinics free of charge if you want more clinical experience.

Advanced topics include

Advanced Cancer protocols - cancer is running at 50% chance of getting it and that will increase to 75% by 20130
Testing for Cancer 10 years before it arrives
Alzheimers - prevalence, prevention and treatment - yes there is light at the end of the tunnel
Auto-immune diseases - the latest
Brain Power - massive bio-hacks to improve all aspects of the brain
Empowerment for you (become invincible)
Case taking insights - the devil is in the detail - how emotions are locked in by previous trauma; understand the mechanics of the mind - bouncers, jumping, blocks etc
Heart Disease - bio-hacking blood circulation
Mitochondria - new bio-hacks
DNA and Nutrigenomics - advanced
Singh Method of Homeopathy - more advanced but easy to implement protocols
Building your business
Liver cleansing update
Materia medica in detail - learn more about the tonic herbs and important supplements
Entheogenic medicine
Raising consciousness
Advanced sleep protocols
Case supervision is included
Case Management - dealing with challenging cases
Therapeutics - in depth therapeutics and dealing with the common ailments; get to know how they come about
Advanced Dentistry
New technologies

Research and Development Project
You will carry-out a research and development project that interests you (under supervision) e.g. DNA analysis, develop and bring to market a new important natural health product; research analysing sleep patterns linked to diet; health links with cycle of moon; analysing root and maintaining causes -quantifying analysis; purifying and improving water