Nutrition Practitioner Courses

nutrition practitoner courses taught by experts

Nutrition Courses taught by Expert Practitioners

We know that nutrition is very important. Some people want to dedicate their lives to it and guide others. The College of Living Nutrition team are mentors who help people improve their health on a daily basis. We want to share our knowledge and therefore offer nutrition courses in London and Birmingham.

Our goal is to teach you how to become a confident, expert practitioner. Primarily taught by John Jezewski, a natural health practitioner who has more than 25 years of experience, these courses are approved and recognised by leading institutes like the FNTP. the Complementary Medical Association and Balens Insurance. We cover many topics like nutrition protocols, detoxification, microbiome, hormones, brain health, raw. alkaline, ketogenic and much more. Come and join us at Regent's University in London or Aston University in Birmingham which is where we run the practitioner courses. These are part-time weekend based and open to anyone who has an interest in natural health.

We also do one-day seminars and offer consultations. Get an appointment today calling John on 07909 992260!

★ Accredited courses ★ 1 Year Nutrition Diploma ★