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Advanced Nutrition Courses

Advanced Nutrition Courses: Become an Expert Practitioner

The fields of nutrition and health, which are, of course, intimately linked, are exact sciences but in constant evolution. After the initial training, the nutritionist  is offered more advanced knowledge to be able to claim a leadership position in these practices. The College of Living Nutrition offers Advanced Nutrition Courses to become an expert practitioner. These are only available to qualified nutrition practitioners. By participating in these courses and obtaining the appropriate diplomas, you are assured of acquiring the skills and knowledge that will make you a recognized expert. They are the stepping stones to mastery of the professional disciplines related to health and nutrition
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A step-by-step progression to mastery of nutrition
Whether in London or Birmingham, you will benefit from a high-quality education that will give you access to advanced knowledge in order to reach the heights of a highly specialized career in the fields of nutrition and food. Our students progress through highly specialized courses that can lead to professional diplomas at different levels. They are designed to give more advanced skills as practitioners and are only open to students that have graduated with a Diploma in Living Nutrition. This includes supervision for any client cases and building your practice or business. We keep all our students updated with the latest changes in nutrition, new practices, and recent health, food, and drug discoveries. Our students learn additional skills like how to use the now much-appreciated essential oils, for example.

Advanced nutrition online courses

Successful completion of all our online nutrition courses can lead to further training for the advanced diploma in nutrition. These diplomas formalize the level of nutritional mastery achieved by students. Diplomas taken online through our unique examination platform have the same professional value as those taken in person in London and Birmingham. To make it easier for you to access these courses, we offer several financing options. You can either pay for your entire course in one-go or make several payments. The last of these is usually paid upon completion of the Advanced Diploma in Nutrition. 

Advanced Nutrition Course : London, Birmingham or online

Two advanced levels are offered: Practitioner Nutritionist and Master's. These levels are acquired in turn and lead to specific advanced diplomas in nutrition. Do not hesitate to contact us for any details about these trainings and the obtaining of the diplomas, as well as to inquire about the dates and locations of the next trainings and the next exams.
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