Consultation at Student Clinic in Bromsgrove

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Consultation at Student Clinic in BromsgroveConsultation at Student Clinic in Bromsgrove, This is a full consultation at the student clinic in Bromsgove. You need to email for a specific time and date (usually on a Sunday). There is no guarantee that John Jezewski will take the case as the students on the Living Nutrition Practitioner Course may take the case (under supervision) if John is unavailable.
You will be emailed a questionnaire to complete. Al payments are non-refundable if you fail to turn up at your appointment.

You will also be offered a number of tests at no extra charge including blood pressure, arterial stiffness, pH tests, bone density, blood sugars and many more.

The dates for 2019 are as follows:

17 March (Bromsgrove)

14 April (Bromsgrove)

16 June (Bromsgrove)

15 September (Bromsgrove)

17 November (Bromsgrove)

You can attend in person or via computer (Skype or Zoom). The address of the clinic is
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