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Deposit Payment for Advanced Diploma in Living Nutrition Course - Birmingham 2021

Deposit for Advanced Diploma in Living Nutrition Course - Birmingham 2021 for anyone that has completed the Diploma in Living Nutrition.

The one-year Advanced Living Nutrition Practitioner Diploma course starting March  and finishing November 2021 (see dates below)? It consists of 7 weekends at Aston University.

There will be a number of tutors.

The syllabus includes advanced dietary protocols,, advanced detox protocols, breaking addictions,  cancer protocols, a complete course on how to interpret blood and other tests, chronic diseases, business building, clinics, advanced case taking skills (you will have the opportunity to carry-out consultations in class), complex cases, liver and gall bladder cleanse, advanced nutrition brain protocols, tonic herbs and other medicines, nutri-genomics, iridology, pulse taking, case supervision, handling auto-immune diseases, allergies and asthma, fertility, pregnancy, childhood conditions, preventing and dealing with allergies, teenage years, menopause, differences between males and females with regard to health, using essential oils, metabolic typing, advanced weight-loss protocols, eating-disorders, latest nutrition research findings, homeopathy and more!

Dates for the course at Aston University 2021:

20-21 March changed to 27/28 March
17-18 April
15-16 May changed to 22/23 May
3-4 July now changed to 19/20 June 
18-19 September changed to 4/5 September
23-24 October changed to 2/3 October then changed back to 23/24 October
20-21 November


4-6th June, 2021 Optional Retreat in Glastonbury (£295)

The fees are £1745 but if you pay in full you save another £200 so the fees would be £1545. Alternatively, you can pay in instalments (£265 deposit and then 7 payments of £211.43 (totalling £1745)). However if you pay a deposit by 30 November 2020 you get an additional discount of £200 so the fees are £1345 if you pay in full and £1545 if you pay in instalments.

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