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Master Practitioner Course London 2021 2022 Full Payment

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Master Practitioner Course London 2021 2022 Full Payment
£ 750.00
£ 500.00
Master Practitioner Course London 2021 2022 Full Payment



10 Sept

5 November

7 January

4 March

6 May


3-5 June 2022 optional Retreat


Investment £750

£600 if booked by 31 May 2021 (£120 per month pay a depositof £120 by 31 May) -save £150

£500 if paid in full by 31 May (save £250)


All new topics

Support in Practice

An Evening case study between each weekend.


The following syllabus will stretch beyond the 5 days masterpractitioner course 2021-2022 to the following academic year 2022-2023 but wecan pick and chose relevant topics.

Case-taking supervision – classroom case-taking by students+ supervision of student’s own case-taking

Case-taking technique upgrade.

Immune system fundamentals

Auto-immune diseases - significance of parasites, H-Pyloriand Epstein Barr. An explanation of TH1 and TH2 and the difference between theherbal remedies Autoimmune 1 and 2.

Significance of unconscious episodes in case taking –unconscious episodes are much more common than expected – these includeaccidents and episodes induced by alcohol, prescription drugs, illegal drugs,hypnosis, anaesthetics during surgical and dental operations.

Dangers of EMFs and how to treat them

The importance of the SIRT food diet.

80-10-10 diet explained in more detail.

Therapeutics – many new herb combinations for a wide rangeof therapeutics.

The brain of Eden concept explained.

Brain – neurotrophins, nootropics

Brain - Psychobiotics

The Lifefood combination remedies.

Understanding telomeres.

Fertility and pregnancy.

Business Building – support for building a successfulpractice including personal empowerment training.

Cancer treatment update.

Autophagy – importance for longevity


Mould and fungal infections (including Candida)

Histamine – histamine reactions can cause much discomfort orworse and this issue particularly occurs in women in their 40s. The key enzymewill be explained and how to measure the reaction and what to offer as atreatment.


How grounding helps with inflammation.

Fasting time-restricted eating.


Estrogen – an in-depth understanding of estrogen- it hasbeen getting bad press for years but there is a gross misunderstanding of theimportance of estrogen and how to maintain and recover from estrogen deficiencyand how to stay younger.

Homeopathy – more practice to perfect identifying the rightremedy through repertorisation, prescribing techniques and techniques forquickly getting to know more remedies.

Help with projects.



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