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Master Practitioner Course London 2022-2023 Full Payment

Full-payment - Master Practitioner Course – London October 22 to May 23– Five Fridays

£ 750.00
£ 490.00

Full-payment - Master Practitioner Course – London October 22 to May 23– Five Fridays

It is early-days and firm decisions are not required yet butare you planning on joining the one-year Master Practitioner Diploma coursestarting October 2022 and finishing May 2023. It consists of 5 Fridays atCecil Sharp House (close to Regent’s Park)2 Regent's Park Rd, London NW1 7AY, spread throughout the year.
The dates are all Fridays:
7 October 2022
9 December 2022
20 January 2023
3 March 2023
5 May 2023

Optional retreat 9-11 June 2023

The syllabus is selected from these topics:

All new topics; Support in Practice; live cases; case-takingsupervision – classroom case-taking + supervision of student’s own case-taking;case-taking technique upgrade; enzyme therapy; cardiovascular disease updateand drug issue like Omeprazole; cancer update; adrenal fatigue update; healingSIBO; diabetes update; immune system update; auto-immune diseases; significanceof unconscious episodes in case taking; dangers of EMFs and how to treat them;the importance of the SIRT food diet; 80-10-10 diet explained in more detail;therapeutics – many new herb combinations for a wide range of therapeutics; thebrain of Eden concept explained; brain – neurotrophins, nootropics; Brain –Psychobiotics; understanding telomeres; fertility and pregnancy; seed cyclingfor hormone balance; business building – support for building a successfulpractice including personal empowerment training; cancer treatment update;autophagy – importance for longevity; mould and fungal infections (including candida);how grounding helps with inflammation; fasting time-restricted eating; kidneys;estrogen – an in-depth understanding of estrogen and testosterone - how to stayyounger; homeopathy – more practice to perfect identifying the right remedythrough repertorisation, prescribing techniques and techniques for quicklygetting to know more remedies; help with projects.


The fees are £725 but if sign-up by paying at least thedeposit by 1st June 2022 they are reduced to £590 (so you save £135)and if you pay in full you save another £100 so the fees would be £490. Alternatively,you can pay in instalments (£118 deposit by 1st June and then 4further monthly payments of £118).

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