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The world encyclopedia of food, the largest nutrition database in the world. 

To assist our students in acquiring their skills as future nutritionists, we provide them with access to the largest nutrition database in the world. Used in our clinics, courses and seminars, this encyclopedia of nutrition and health is an essential resource for acquiring and reinforcing knowledge. This software is designed to run on any device including phones, laptops, PCs and notebooks, Considered a true world food/nutrition encyclopedia, it provides all the information necessary to establish superior nutrition plans and protocols. It also allows you to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field, including the most recent research findings. The enyclopedia embodies over 25 years of work, in the production of concise and structured documents on therapeutics, food, nutrition, herbs, drugs and much more. This is designed to empower the client and practitioner with solutions as well as learning material.
Flexible and affordable membership.
The College of Living Nutrition offers its students access to its encyclopedia of food science, food technology, and nutrition as an online electronic service. This specialized hosted software is totally dedicated to professional use and can be used on a subscription basis. Its duration of 1, 5, and 10 years allows the nutritionist to benefit from an international high-level informational reference and a quality of content unequalled to date. Although the quality and quantity of the information provided is considerable, the cost of the 3 subscriptions remains below average and allows even the tightest of budgets to benefit from a unique amount of information and permanent updating.
State-of-the-art information technology
The College of Living Nutrition's subscription-based access to the World Encyclopedia of Living Nutrition represents an opportunity for all our students to benefit from access to a centralized and vast amount of knowledge. With a simple internet connection and our specialized web application, they can deepen their knowledge and acquire new skills without having to resort to many heterogeneous, difficult-to-master, and often hard-to-access tools. This way, they enrich what they have learned in their seminars and have a lot of resources at their disposal to enrich their research work. This saves them time during their studies and therefore saves them money throughout their learning process.
Regular Updates
Do not hesitate to consult this page, which is updated regularly. You will find all the information you need to subscribe to the encyclopedia of food and health as well as announcements of your new favorite seminars. Do not hesitate to contact us by email or by phone with any questions you may have. Our administrative team and our teachers are always at your disposal to give you the essential information for the good conduct and success of your studies as nutritionists. 
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