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College of Living Nutrition

Accredited nutrition courses, UK

An online or face-to-face training in nutrition

The Living Nutrition Practitioner Course at the College of Living Nutrition is open to all those who wish to learn more about nutrition as promoted by the best practitioners in the field. Over time, nutrition has become a major scientific discipline with obvious effects on physical and mental health. Recent discoveries are overturning many preconceived notions that were only validated empirically.
Nutrition is now a recognized science whose practitioners must master the methods and acquire the knowledge. Mastering the skills required of a nutrition practitioner is essential because it allows him or her to influence the client physiologically, and even genetically. Recently discovered nutritional secrets, especially those related to fats, calories, proteins, and sugars, have radically changed the way nutritionists think. In addition, professionals are now committed to applying their knowledge in a healthy and lively manner, in harmony with personal development and respect for the environment.
A comprehensive and open course
Whether you are a health care professional, a student in this field or simply passionate about nutrition, do not hesitate to join our Living Nutrition Practitioner Course. Nutritional methods and information are part of a growing body of knowledge to improve health. They can be part of a true individual nutritional culture as well as a specialized professional background. In fact, the career of a nutritionist, or at least the sum of its knowledge, is more and more coveted. This trend is not likely to diminish. In fact, nutrition is an integral part of the health investment that each of us wishes to make.
With a hectic and connected lifestyle that is more and more aggressive for the body and mind, it is quite normal that everyone is more and more concerned about what they eat. Especially since it is now widely proven that food and the way we consume it daily have negative or positive effects on our health. Stress and illness can be combated with a good eating plan developed by experienced nutrition practitioners. However, it is important to acquire the skills and knowledge that will make you a credible professional in this field.
Solving major health problems is often directly dependent on good nutrition
Becoming a nutritionist allows you to help others, to treat pathologies and to inform your clients about the functioning of their body. To identify the most suitable diet for their client, the nutritionist will consider several aspects, such as age, gender, lifestyle, eating habits or genetic capital. They are fully aware of the nutritional value of foods, their effects on health and adapt the patient's diet to his or her needs. The nutritionist is responsible for anticipating, diagnosing, and managing nutrition-related disorders, from diabetes to obesity, cholesterol, food intolerances, anorexia, or bulimia. As a practitioner, he or she can order tests and analyses and prescribe with a change of diet, nutrition, herbs and lifestyle..
Health professionals are often asked by their clients what they can do to improve their health. In our Living Nutrition Practitioner Course, part of a professional certificate program up to the Master Practitioner level, learn about the interaction between nutrients, diet, and different pathologies. Nutrition plays a major role in the onset and development of various diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disorders. They are among the leading causes of death in the world. This course will teach you about the biological risk factors that are modifiable. These may include blood pressure, cholesterol, or obesity.
Help individuals regain a balanced diet
The goal of the nutrition professionals is to help individuals regain a balanced diet. These experts carry out nutritional assessments, provide nutritional advice and follow up with them, considering their weight, possible allergies, metabolism, physiology, food intolerances and objectives. Healthy eating is a struggle for many clients and the nutrition professionals are trained to empower clients to achieve their healthy eating goals. Our nutrition courses are not only for aspiring professionals - you can discover and attend them even if you are only interested in the subject of nutrition.

Accredited nutrition courses, UK

You can join either the London or Birmingham course and then proceed to do the course online on Zoom.
You can also do a bit of both i.e. attend on Zoom for some of the lectures and then attend other lectures in the classroom.
Now please select the London or Birmingham course for further details:

Birmingham Aston University
Part-Time Weekend Living Nutrition Practitioner Course

Birmingham nutrition courses

London Regent's University
Part-Time Weekend Living Nutrition Practitioner Course

london nutrition courses uk

Nutrition courses London and Birmingham

Traditional knowledge is discovered
The Living Nutrition Practitioner Course at the College of Living Nutrition teaches the traditional knowledge and practices commonly accepted and developed by professional institutes at this level. 
You will also learn about some of the cutting-edge topics that are increasingly being emphasized by experienced practitioners. So, you can benefit from information that will immediately put you in a position of leadership in your discipline. As we talk more and more about nutrition therapy and less and less about ‘nutrition only’ many new areas of expertise are approached. Initially, it is about:
Knowing how to establish a dietary assessment: it is essential to have basic data that can reveal certain imbalances. Very often, those who come to consult nutritionists are not at all aware of the nutritional mistakes they make daily.
Determine a personalized nutritional balance: as a professional you must be able to create a nutritional routine that allows your clientd to achieve a balanced diet. Of course, the more personalized the nutritional regimen, the more effective it is.
To know the benefits of dietary supplements: Dietary supplements are one of the levers that are often essential for the recovery of a balanced diet. However, it is important to know the pros and cons of using these nutritional tools.
To understand the microbiome: a healthy and well-proportioned diet is often not enough to solve all the problems of nutrition and well-being of patients. The nutritionist must also look at all the phenomena that can lead to the disruption of the client’s microbiome.
To persuade the clients to improve their health education: the nutritionist must above all convince those who consult him to take seriously everything that contributes to maintaining good health. It is therefore essential that you learn how to communicate your interest in health education with appropriate pedagogy (teaching).
Cutting-edge topics are revealed
Several dimensions of nutrition, yesterday still considered too disruptive or even esoteric, are now taken very seriously by professionals. Our course addresses them so that you can have all the latest information on these subjects and use them for the greatest benefit of your future clients.
Holistic nutrition: This is a holistic approach to nutrition. The patient is considered at the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental levels. We also try to consider the social, behavioral, financial, and environmental context of the client.
The orthomolecular approach: it considers that nutrition must be applied at the cellular level. The right biological regulation (ortho in Greek) must allow for a perfect regulation of the organism. The two-time Nobel Prize winner in biology, Linus Pauling, who is the instigator of this approach, advocates the use of the natural elements present in everyone, as well as their association and their correct dosage to obtain the most effective dynamic complementarity effects possible.
The courses have already started, find out more
The College of Living Nutrition London (Regent’s University, Regent’s Park) based course starts on October and ends in May (if the course has started then please contact us you may still be able to join).  Birmingham campus, Aston University, training sessions will begin on March and end in November (again contact us if it has started as you may be able to join).  Do not miss it. Our Living Nutrition Practitioner Course is available for everyone with an interest in Natural Health. The course is recognized as a diploma after one full year of study. You can take it on site or remotely on Zoom. Depending on your availability you can even use a combination of these two training methods.
This is a unique opportunity for you to become a nutrition therapist.
The course is designed to inspire students to become successful and confident practitioners. It is particularly valuable for professionals (in training) from various disciplines related to nutrition and health, such as nutritionists, epidemiologists, public health officials, physicians, health professionals, health policy makers, nutrition educators, biologists, and food scientists. Upon graduation, graduates can work as nutrition professionals. They can provide recommendations on diet, targeted nutrients, and lifestyle habits
Students Testimonials
  • "
    “If you are considering the course with The College of Living Nutrition; I can highly recommend it. I graduated from the course 5 years ago. It has set me up with the cutting edge information and essential professional practice skills to allow me to build my nutrition business. I now offer consultations, coaching, courses, workshops and health-check clinics. I am also at the beginning of an exciting new venture  -  developing a residential Health Learning venue on the west coast of Scotland." 
    Janette McSkimming BA(Hons) LC Hom, Post Dip Advanced LNP. 
    Homeopath and Living Nutrition Practitioner
  • "
    "The Living Nutrition course is practical and experiential with cutting edge information that keeps you ahead of the game. The style of teaching is relaxed and inclusive and the students that are attracted to the course ensures there is a sense of community of like - minded individuals."
    Lynda May  
    Living Nutrition Practitioner and Colour Therapist
  • "
    "I graduated in my first year at the college of living nutrition in 2017. Before commencing this course I was struggling with being vegan because I had no idea  what I was doing or what was even healthy. I also new that I wanted to learn so I could teach other people and build a business for myself. This course was different from any other course I’d done. There were a lot of light bulb moments, harsh truths, reality checks - all of which contributed to my own self analysis and improvement in health. This course began a journey of self discovery for me, finally being able to understand my body and what I need and my health is always improving the more I continue to learn from John. Thank you John for your knowledge, wisdom and care in helping your students succeed - it really shows."
    Helen Buley
    BSc (Hons), Living Nutrition Practitioner -  Health and Energy Coach 
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